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"The Law West of the Pecos"—1949
“The Law West of the Pecos”—1949

The Law Club was founded on April 10, 1914 as a “club of younger lawyers desiring to organize a homogenous group which would meet systematically to discuss questions helpful in law practice.” Four months later, the First World War broke out. We deny that we caused that in any manner.

In 1939, a group of Law Club members “attempted to to amuse those present at the first day’s luncheon of the Colorado Bar Association,” and things pretty much went downhill from there. Law Club shows became a tradition at CBA conventions, continuing until the Conventions themselves were discontinued in 2000. We deny that we caused that in any manner.

To learn more, please see the excellent retrospective written by our very own Greg Cairns and published in the Colorado Lawyer.

The Denver Post’s coverage of “Habeas Culture”—1951.

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