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GatheringDinner-1 to discuss important issues in the practice of law has been central to the purpose of the the Law Club since its founding in 1914. Today, the Law Club continues the tradition by hosting monthly luncheons on the last Friday of each month at the University Club located at 1673 Sherman Street in Denver, Colorado. The luncheons feature a range of engaging topics and speakers and provide excellent opportunities to network and grow. The luncheons typically provide 1 hr of general CLE credit for licensed Colorado attorneys.

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The Law Club + The CBA Ethics Committee = THE ETHICS REVUE

The CBA Ethics Committee and the Law Club join together each year in an unholy alliance to present legal ethics in a fun and song-filled format! “The Ethics Revue” is unlike any other CBA-CLE continuing legal education ethics program. It is produced and performed by members of the famous (or infamous!) Law Club and the Ethics Committee of the Colorado Bar Association. Each year, it is an all new CLE musical extravaganza. Attend a performance and learn ethical conduct in an engaging and memorable way. With a unique combination of wit, song, and commentary, the cast of multi-talented attorneys will heighten your awareness of a variety of ethics issues that arise in the practice of law. Just don’t ask who wrote the song lyrics … The Law Club never tells!

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